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1 Litre Weck Deco Style - Single
-42 %
Model: 748 Dimensions: 15.00cm x 27.00cm x 17.00cm
Weck deco jars have a distinctive bulb shape.  This makes them a lovely jar for presenting a variety of preserves and foods and also popular for floral displays.The 1 litre size can also be used for pot pourri or even a miniature terrarium or goldfish bowl! Whilst made of the same thick g..
$3.85 $6.60
Ex Tax:$3.50
6 x 1/2 litre Weck Deco Shape - 901 6 x 1/2 litre Weck Deco Shape - 901
-40 %
Model: 901 case Dimensions: 26.00cm x 36.00cm x 15.00cm
6 x 1/2 litre Weck Deco Shape - 901 - includes glass lids, seals and clamps 1/2 litre (exact capacity 560ml) Weck Preserving Deco Jar.  Takes Medium lid and seal.  Deco jars are popular not just for preserving but also for storage and display purposes. Cases of jars come complete with..
$17.95 $29.95
Ex Tax:$16.32
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